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Advantages and uses of forming eva materials at one time

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         One-time forming EVA is to inject a batch of molds into a set of molds through a row of molds and a turret with guide rails. During the cooling process of the A-type mold, the turret moves to the next set of molds for injection, and so on. Mold. So what is the advantage of forming EVA once?


Advantages of one-shot EVA

1. EVA material selects the board with the total thickness of the product, and keeps the material as a whole piece instead of multi-layer bonding;

2. The internal structure can be programmed according to any shape of the product bump, and the size is consistent with the product requirements;

3, workmanship is accurate, multiple depth and thickness are automatically adjusted, and the size of the reaming is automatically produced according to the program;

4, the minimum slot size is 1.5MM, the shallowest groove depth is 0.5MM, and the deepest depth can reach 120MM.

The scope of application of one-time forming EVA

One-time molding EVA is widely used in: packaging of high-end products such as alcohol, health products, cosmetics, hardware tools, electronic products, gifts, precision instruments, etc.


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