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EVA foam can be divided into two types

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Microcellular polyurethane EVA foam plastic is a high-tech EVA foam plastic with excellent compression properties, high elasticity, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. This EVA foam is divided into k series and E series. And can meet various environmental requirements of sealing and energy absorption. Pressure-sensitive adhesive can be coated on one side as needed to avoid back-gluing operation, which is cost-effective. Pet film or paper is used as the supporting surface to ensure that the bubble cotton cloth is flat and suitable for various die-cutting processes. Product features: thin specifications, small consistency and deformation; excellent buffering, insulation, dustproof and protective performance, waterproof, shockproof, energy absorption, heat insulation, sound insulation, and sealing performance. In the long-term work process, the elasticity is stable and the elasticity loss is small. Reduce stress, compression ratio...large. Easy to perforate, single-sided adhesive. According to customer requirements. Our main product EVA foam material, welcome to buy! EVA foam roots can be divided into the following types according to different materials: polyurethane EVA foam plastic (PU) PU, EVA foam plastic is made of polyurethane EVA foam plastic. After conducting a series of treatments, the conductive EVA foam is wrapped in a flame-retardant sponge to make it have good surface conductivity, and it is easy to be fixed on the device to be shielded with tape.


Shielding materials with different shapes, installation methods, UL ratings and shielding efficiency can be selected. According to different materials, conductive EVA foam can be divided into aluminum foil cloth EVA foam, conductive fiber cloth EVA foam, gold-plated cloth EVA foam, carbon-coated EVA foam, etc. It is replaced by soft pure aluminum foil and glass fiber composite aluminum foil cloth. The conductive cloth is wrapped with flame-retardant EVA foam. The surface impedance is less than or equal to 0.016Ω. The product with gold can withstand a temperature of 130°C and has excellent shielding performance, which can meet the requirements of product cost pressure and has low cost. Aluminum foil cloth conductive EVA foam has good performance, shielding performance is greater than 100dB, high elasticity, conductive impedance of the contact surface is reduced, corrosion resistance is improved, and the compatibility of the metal coating of the connector assembly is improved. EVA foam is a kind of different EVA foam made of materials is widely used as dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and sealing materials in mobile phones, LCD backlights, display screens, notebook computers, automobiles and other fields. Many bubbles are formed on the surface of EVA foam, and the air in the bubbles plays a buffer role. According to the opening and closing conditions of the hole wall, EVA foam can be divided into two types, and according to the rebound speed, it can be divided into fast rebound and slow rebound. For example: St. France EVA foam belongs to the fast rebound series, while PORONEVA foam belongs to the slow rebound series. The fast rebound series EVA foam can play a very good protective role in the product. EVA foam products have a series of excellent characteristics: cushioning, sealing, dustproof, sound insulation, and waterproof. The elasticity is stable, and the deformation rate is low when the specification is thin. Long-term work flexibility loss is small. The stress is small and the compression ratio is large.

Easy to perforate, single-sided backing (PET) chewing gum is available according to user requirements. The surface contact resistance is low. The anti-corrosion nickel coating can prevent electrochemical corrosion. UL class fire protection. Heat resistant, not easy to fall off, high tensile strength. Easy to use, flexible, ultra-thin and reliable. EVA foams are generally divided into three categories according to VA content: EVA foams with VA content between 5% and 40% are mainly used for polyethylene modification to manufacture molded products or mixtures such as wires, cables, films, etc.; VA content is 40% EVA elastomers between ~70% are mainly used as rubber elastomers and PVC modifiers; the VA content of EVA emulsions is 70%-95%, mainly used as adhesives and coatings. coating. The VA content of EVA foam for agricultural film is generally less than 20%. The performance of EVA is related to the VA content. With the increase of VA content, the melting point of EVA decreases, the solubility increases from swelling to complete dissolution, and the viscosity increases. Therefore, EVA with low VA content is thermoplastic, and EVA with high VA content is elastomer. The result of the increase of VA content shows that: the density increases, the transparency increases, the crystallinity decreases, the stress crack resistance and the tensile strength are improved; the impact strength is improved. Due to the limited thermal stability, it is difficult to control thermal decomposition when the temperature is higher than 90°C. The melting point of EVA varies with the copolymerization ratio. The low melting point is only about 80 degrees, and the high melting point is otherwise over 120 degrees.

If it is cross-linked EVA, the melting point will be higher. What are the characteristics of EVA adhesives? EVA adhesive is a kind of EVA foam elastic material. It is soft, wear-resistant, non-slip, strong, and can be pasted on both sides. This product is suitable for all kinds of electrical appliances and furniture to prevent the bottom of electric shock furniture, ceramics, glass, wood, metal and other products from being scratched by friction. It can also reduce the noise generated by object movement and compensate for the noise generated by electrical appliances. The foot position of furniture Non-uniformity, and can play a variety of functions such as anti-skid and shock-proof at the same time. EVA foam rubber pads, rubber pads, silicone pads, return rubber pads, sponge rubber pads, various colors of flannel non-woven fabrics (single and dual colors) The paper is transparent, white, matt black and sand coated Vinyl chloride quick paper. The protective film electrostatic film high temperature tape has double-sided tape, 3, t4000, Hitachi 500, automobile EVA foam tape, etc., which can be pressed into various shapes according to customer requirements. EVA rubber pad is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging material. It has good cushioning properties and has the advantages of shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is non-toxic and non-absorbent. Hot melt adhesives used in the electronics industry have high softening point, narrow melting point range, high bonding strength, moderate viscosity, excellent electrical properties, good toughness and fire resistance. The disadvantages are poor heat resistance and low impact strength. The cleanliness of the bonding surface is very strict. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly select the appropriate hot melt adhesive and adhesive according to the performance requirements of the product. This technology can give full play to the advantages of the bonding technology. Hot-melt adhesives for electronic appliances are mainly hot-melt adhesives such as polyester and polyamide. In view of the special performance requirements and technical characteristics of the electronics industry in the past 20 years, hot melt adhesives have been developed and applied in the electronics industry. They are mainly used for the bonding and fixing of TV deflection coils; the binding of household wires and electrical connectors Coating: The bonding and sealing of related parts in the production of communication cables and vacuum cleaners have achieved good results to a certain extent.

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