Cut to any size you like!

For specialty orders, we’ll happily cut your foam to any size or shape.

With our state-of-the-art computerised system, we can even mould your foam during production to meet any requirement that you might have.


Hardness Width Length Min.Thickness Max.Thickness
20-30 1.5m 3m 1.5mm 52mm
20-30 1.4m 3m 1.5mm 52mm
38-42 1.5m 3m 1.5mm 60mm
38-42 1.4m 3m 1.5mm 60mm
38-42 1.3m 3m 1.5mm 60mm
38-42 1.2m 3m 1.5mm 60mm
38-42 1m 2m 1.5mm 60mm
45-50 1.45m 2.8m 1.5mm 60mm
45-50 1.36m 2.8m 1.5mm 60mm
45-50 1.15m 2.8m 1.5mm 60mm
45-50 0.95m 2.8m 1.5mm 60mm
55-60 1.5m 3.1m 1.5mm 52mm
55-60 1.27m 2.5m 1.5mm 52mm
55-60 1.18m 2.5m 1.5mm 52mm
55-60 1m 2.5m 1.5mm 52mm
55-60 0.82m 2.5m 1.5mm 52mm
65±2 1.4m 2.9m 1.5mm 48mm
65±2 1.18m 2.4m 1.5mm 48mm
65±2 1.1m 2.4m 1.5mm 48mm
65±2 0.93m 2.4m 1.5mm 48mm
65±2 0.77m 2.4m 1.5mm 48mm
70-75 1.35m 2.75m 1.5mm 45mm
70-75 1.3m 2.25m 1.5mm 45mm
70-75 1.13m 2.25m 1.5mm 45mm
70-75 1.05m 2.25m 1.5mm 45mm
70-75 0.9m 2.25m 1.5mm 45mm
70-75 0.74m 2.25m 1.5mm 45mm
75-80 1.4m 3.2m 1.5mm 45mm
75-80 1.5m 3.2m 1.5mm 45mm