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How to Create a Cosplay Costume From EVA Foam?

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EVA Foam is a perfect material for making costumes and props of all various kinds.

What is EVA foam?

The eva foam is formed in a mould to generate a sheet of closed cell foam known as a bun. We can cut the bun into sheets of preferred thickness or fabricate the material into a certain shape, piece or profile.

How to Create a Cosplay Costume From EVA Foam

Advantages of EVA Foam for Cosplay

It is deeply beloved by cosplayers and prop makes due to it's lightweight, low-cost, and can be easily cut, carved, and even heat shaped to create impressive forms. 

What type of foam is best for cosplay swords, armor and headpieces?

There are no other best options but eva foam for cosplay armor. All you have to do is adjust the thickness for your costume.

How thick should eva foam be for cosplay?

In my experience, it's better to use one or 2.25-inch thick foam sheets for your cosplay armor, 0.5 inches thick for your headpieces. For rigid but weightless swords and other weapons, we'd suggest high density eva foam for your cosplay, you can choose either 2.25-inch-thick foam sheets if you needs extensive layering, or 1.5-inch thick foam sheet or fewer layers.

How to Create a Cosplay Costume From EVA Foam

What is a safe glue to use on eva foam?

We talked with some cosplayers who built foam armor aimed to bear foam weapons combat what the best and safe glue is to use on eva foam, they all told me with absolute confidence that the best glue to use is DAP Weldwood contact cement. Some may find it annoying because it has a relatively long curing time, so it's not the most satisfied material, but it work! 

How to bend eva foam cosplay

So how to shape eva foam cosplay?

How to Create a Cosplay Costume From EVA Foam

Heat shaping is one of the most exciting things about working with eva foam for cosplay. Use a heat gun to add a little shape to some otherwise smooth pieces. You cannot bend foam, especially the thicker foam sheets, in dramatic ways, but you can absolutely make out some nice bends and curves.

Wanted to create sharp angles? you can try to bend the hot foam against a table edge.

How to paint eva foam cosplay

The real magic comes when you priming your eva foam costume with color! 

How to Create a Cosplay Costume From EVA Foam

Step 1: Prepare Tools and Materials


  • Plastidip

  • Weldwood original contact cement

  • Acrylic paints in the colors and finishes of your choice

  • Metallic pigments and and acrylic medium (if you can get it)

  • Spray paint (if you can get it)

  • Through The Roof Sealant, Mod Podge or some other finish


  • Upholstery foam scraps or makeup sponges

  • Disposable paintbrushes

  • Nicer paint brushes in different sizes

  • Gloves

  • A well ventilated place

Step 2: Priming EVA Foam

By now you've put your EVA foam pieces into one piece, and before you color them, you need to give them a primer coat to avoid rough uneven surface. Plastidip is a great priming material that can help you do that. But make sure you use it in a ventilated area as it doesn't smell good.

Use a few scraps of couch foam cut into small wedges, or makeup sponges, if you like, to start painting on the Plastidip. Try to spread as even a coat as possible, not leaving a lot of blobs or streaks.

Step 3: Start painting after it turns dry!

There are ways to paint on EVA foam, but I think the most interesting is to use acrylic paint. You can use fluorescent for an impressive outcome.

Step 4: Top Coats and Sealing

Add a layer of some kind of sealant when the paint is dry to protect the surface. Use pray sealants like Mod Podge or acrylic mediums.

Where to buy eva foam for cosplay?

EVA foam can be found in many products, like the thick tiles used for floor covering and softer floor mats that packs in rolls. This two can be found at hardware stores and will usually have textures, which might be useful if you are creating certain kinds of armor.

There are ways for you to get craft foam sheets and rolls, which are thinner and smooth on both sides, go the Walmart store or get a eva foam sample pack with different shore hardness in A4 sheet from Hongrui first. Then we will cut the sheet in your favorite size and door-to-door to you in the shortest time!

How to Create a Cosplay Costume From EVA Foam

This article shows a basic eva foam cosplay for beginners, but we believe anyone can create impressive costumes with heart and soul.


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