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  • How to Create a Cosplay Costume From EVA Foam?

    Discover the best eva foam thickness for your cosplay costume with high density foam cosplay. Read More

  • EVA foam can be divided into two types

    Microcellular polyurethane EVA foam plastic is a high-tech EVA foam plastic with excellent compression properties, high elasticity, moisture resistance and chemical resistance. This EVA foam is divided into k series and E series. And can meet various environmental requirements of sealing and energy Read More

  • EVA foam foam has these characteristics

    Using high-melt-strength branched EVA foam as the foaming material or main component is a direct and simple way to make EVA foam have good foaming properties. The branched PP resin has a higher melt strength than ordinary PP, which is developed and industrially produced by Montell Company in Belgium Read More

  • Features of EVA

    EVA is an amorphous plastic, non-toxic, with a specific gravity of 0.95g/cm3 (lighter than water). Its products have poor surface gloss, good elasticity, softness and light weight, low mechanical strength, good fluidity, and easy processing and molding. The shrinkage rate is relatively large (2%), a Read More

  • What is Eva?

    Eva material is a common name defined by us. The full English name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. Its chemical name is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. It is an extremely common material and a common type of midsole material in daily life. , The finished product made of it has good flexibilit Read More

  • What is the difference between EVA foam and PE foam?

    EVA foam and PE foam are both foams, but different foams have different characteristics, so what is the difference between these two kinds of foams, the following editor will give you a brief introduction.EVA foam is a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging material. EVA rubber and p Read More

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