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Describe in detail three USES of common EVA materials on the market

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What is Eva material and what is it used for? For those of you who have just learned about EVA, you don't know anything. You need to know that EVA is a common material in daily life, the common name of EVA is EVA material, this is also to let you know more clearly EVA is a material, is also a chemical material, extremely common, is also a common material in daily life. So what are EVA materials used for? Below Hong Rui plastic xiaobian in detail and we said about the market common EVA material 3 USES.

EVA foam

1. We can make household appliances such as conduits, gas pipes, civil building plates and containers for household refrigerators, as well as common articles in our daily life.

2. Make packaging film, gasket, medical equipment, also can be used as hot-melt adhesive, cable insulation layer, etc.

3. It can be used for wireless binding of books and shell structure of digital products.

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