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How much do you know about EVA foam! What are its advantages?

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EVA foam is a new kind of environmental protection packaging material, which is foamed by plastic particles. He has anti - static, moisture - proof, waterproof and many other good characteristics. EVA foam is elastic, its weight is very light, bending freely, reliable performance.


According to the characteristics of EVA foam divided into antistatic EVA foam and conductive EVA foam two kinds. EVA foam can not only absorb shock but also moistureproof in the process of transportation because of its sealing foam characteristic. Many electronic anti - static products are the choice of packaging lining.

EVA foam is mainly used in the field of electronics. Electronic components are fragile, water-resistant and breakable, so the choice of packaging products and its strict. EVA foam solves all kinds of problems in the transportation process of electronic products with its excellent characteristics.

Simply speaking, EVA foam is a kind of packaging material, which is often used for lining packaging in the high-end field. Of course, in recent years, many high-end cosmetics, red wine, gifts also began to choose EVA foam to do product packaging.

EVA foam is often used in the packaging industry, but many people do not know what are the characteristics of EVA foam? In fact, EVA foam is mainly divided into 5 categories, and these 5 categories are the five special needs in the process of product packaging or product transportation!

A, anti-static: new EVA materials are environmental protection materials, with long-term anti-static, so it is also known as anti-static EVA. Many plastics are not conducive to decomposition, and the new material EVA material has biodegradation characteristics, eliminate secondary pollution.

Second, shockproof: electronic products belong to easy debris, in the process of packaging and transportation pay great attention to shockproof. The EVA material of Xinqili has strong resilience, strong tension and high flexibility, which can well reduce the damage caused by vibration to the product in the process of transportation.

Three, moistureproof gas: in the field of electronics, many components are only suitable for dry environment, if in the process of preservation and transportation, the product has not been properly managed, will be scrapped directly. This is incalculable damage to many manufacturers. EVA material as a new packaging material, its sealed foam does not absorb water to ensure that the electronic products in the packaging in a safe environment, moisture and moisture out.

Four, fire prevention: packaging industry a lot of materials are very high ignition point, in the summer if the preservation is not good fire will occur. So the lining of a few precious commodity packaging, pay attention to the level of flame-retardant property very much. At present, THE GRADE of EVA flame retardant is V-0, V-1, V-2. Xinqili EVA material belongs to V-0, which has excellent flame retardant performance in the industry.

Five, odor prevention: many packaging lining will have a little taste, and the new EVA material placed for 7 days, the taste can be eliminated.

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