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Is the EVA material on the market plastic or rubber?

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Is the EVA material on the market plastic or rubber? Hongrui plastic xiaobian can clearly tell you that Eva material is rubber, this Eva material is mainly used for a variety of sports sole, with strong wear resistance, anti-skid, elastic, not easy to break, better softness, good elongation, stable contraction, good hardness, good bending and other advantages.

EVA foam

EVA is used as a filling material for the midsole of sneakers, or as a shock absorber, because when it is impacted or pressured by forces, it will give certain energy feedback and shock absorption in a certain direction. It's on a lot of sneakers but it's hard to compete with the AIR in terms of effectiveness

It is a kind of common medium base material, usually called primary foaming has a certain buffering effect, but this material is very slippery, so it is generally mixed with hard rubber,EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, generally vinyl acetate (VA) content in 5% ~ 40%. Compared with polyethylene,EVA reduces the high degree of crystal by introducing vinyl acetate monomer into the molecular chain, and improves the solubility, impact resistance, packing compatibility and thermal sealing performance. EVA is widely used in the fields of foamed shoes, functional ceiling film, packaging film, hot-melt adhesive, wire, cable and toy, etc


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