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Reasonable use of EVA foam in the car interior!

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EVA foam is a kind of material with very good heat insulation effect, and this material is non-toxic and odorless. It is also very easy to cut when cutting, which brings a lot of convenience. Therefore, the use of EVA foam Very wide, EVA foam can also be used in the interior of the car for a kind of decoration, which plays a very good role in the decoration of the car and makes the car look more beautiful.

EVA foam


EVA foam can be decorated inside the car. Many car owners use EVA foam to make EVA foam into various patterns, and then add beautiful patterns to make the appearance of EVA foam look more Beautiful, more attractive, while increasing the quality score of the car.

At the time when the automobile era is coming, the market for EVA foam is also very wide. Of course, EVA foam has its own unique advantages and good effects, so it also plays a vital role in the interior of the car. , So that some high temperatures outside the car cannot easily enter the interior of the car, which affects the experience of the car interior. Due to the addition of EVA foam, the interior of the car is more comfortable.


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