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Talking about the characteristics and application direction of EVA foam!

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EVA foam is a high-performance packaging material that has no peculiar smell, oil/acid and alkali resistance. Its products are very convenient to process and can be cut according to actual needs. EVA foam is often used as a new environmentally friendly material, combined with other materials and used in various fields.

 In addition to chemical resistance, EVA foam has excellent shock and heat insulation properties. In an experimental test, we found that EVA foam can quickly recover after being subjected to a strong external impact. For precision instruments or electronic products, he can guarantee that the products are not damaged during transportation. Secondly, thermal insulation. The internal structure of EVA foam is an independent bubble structure. This structure can effectively reduce the energy exchange caused by air convection and is a kind of excellent thermal insulation material.

The application direction of EVA foam is roughly divided into four areas:

Direction one,

Electronic field: Electronic components are something that is very afraid of falling. Therefore, in the process of packaging and transportation, use EVA foam with good shockproof performance. It is similar to household electronics, electronic appliances.

Direction two,

Automobile field: The decorations, steering wheel, instrument panel, and cooler in the car are not assembled and formed. All need to be packaged with EVA foam to ensure its non-destructiveness to a large extent.

Direction three

Life field: all kinds of floor mats, swimming life jackets, slippers, hats and various cushioning materials commonly used in daily life are made of EVA foam.

Direction four

Construction: EVA foam is used for the insulation of large water tanks, central air-conditioning and air-conditioning ducts in the heating and cooling machine room.


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